Our mission is to Grow Together

TekMax LLC is a 20 year old Colorado-based retail solutions provider. Our ‘meet the need’ scalable solutions help you craft superior customer experiences, resulting in increased customer retention and revenue for the business.

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” – Isaac Newton TekMax completely agrees with Sir Issac Newton. We acknowledge the fact that we have reached where we are today only because of the continual support of the community.

But our growing curve was not always a straight line. In the last twenty years, we have seen various ups and downs. But one thing remained constant - we emerged stronger every time, all thanks to the team that backs it up, more than 2000 satisfied customers, and the entire community of Colorado.

Growing together

TekMax LLC believes in growing together. It is our way of saying Thank You to the community and empowering businesses with scalable solutions that drive growth. We walk with you till the end of the road and beyond. We empower you with result-oriented strategies that boost your revenue.

Power to communicate

TekMax LLC gives you the power to communicate. Our solutions and services provide insights and information about your customers, so you can use the data to analyze customer behavior, open more sales channels, and deliver a top-notch experience that boosts customer loyalty.

Customer loyalty

TekMax LLC wants you to focus on customer loyalty when everyone is talking about customer acquisition. We are on a unique mission of empowering the entire community, one business at a time. Join hands with us by choosing TekMax LLC as your retail technology partner.

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