Food Online Order &
Delivery Solution

Claim your restaurant’s power back 
Stop paying the hefty service fee to food-delivery apps like Uber Eats and DoorDash. Stop competing with same category restaurants. Claim your power back. Kyocharo/TekMax LLC is here to help.

Why you choose Kyocharo/TekMax LLC?

Kyocharo/TekMax LLC gives you the POWER to COMMUNICATE. Each of our solutions and services provides you with facts and information on your customers. Use Kyocharo/TekMax LLC to engage your in-store customers’ behavior, open more sales channels, and deliver a top-notch experience that enhances customer loyalty. When everyone is talking about CUSTOMER ACQUISITION, you must focus on CUSTOMER RETENTION.

Say no to the markup costs, unhealthy
competition, and price discrepancy

According to a recent Kyocharo/TekMax LLC study, food-delivery apps like Uber Eats and DoorDash cost you 25% extra when compared to in-house delivery. You end up competing with the same category restaurants. You also end up having pricing discrepancy issues between online prices and in-restaurant prices.  Kyocharo/TekMax LLC helps you by returning the power back to you. We help you setup and configure your restaurant's website to get direct orders. We manage online branding to enhance your restaurant’s reach. You don’t have to pay any markup. You don’t compete with other restaurants. You retain your customers and deliver top-notch customer experience. How? Talk with us.


1. Third Party Commission
No commission 
Pay up to 30%
*No expense for inhouse order
2. Order Service fee
*15 % savings on service fee
3. Menu price for customer
Customer pay same price
20% markup from Menu
*No markup for inhouse order
4. AD placement 
FB dedicated paid AD
Listed w other competition
businesses on search
*Inhouse order doesn’t compete w
other restaurants in direct FB AD. 
5. Online order difference benefits
Will open new sales
channel in FB, online
order, and website
Only available on direct
third party website
*Build customer retention on 3
platforms.  One simplify order
without competing business

Detail Payment Difference based on $100.00

Service Providers
Actual Menu Selling
Price (8% Tax)
Order Service Fee
Customer Payment /
(Merchant Expense)
1. Inhouse order
$100.00 + $8.00 tax
$112.00  / (no comm)
2. Third party order
$120.00 ($84)
+ $9.60 tax
$151.20  / (30% @ $36)